Emmanuel Macron

Macron Again Raises Frexit Issue - „Similar Context”

(reînnoit 13:55 22.01.2018)
President Emmanuel Macron emphasized that France would "probably" have the same result as Britain if it had had such a referendum

BUCHAREST, 22 Jan — Sputnik. In an interview with the BBC, French President Emmanuel Macron said that "you always take a risk when you have such a [Brexit-like] referendum, just 'yes' or 'no' in a very complicated aspect."

He emphasized that France would "probably" have the same result as Britain if it had had such a referendum.

"Probably, in a similar context, but our context was very different, so I don't want to make any, I mean, take any bets. But I would have definitely fought very hard to win," Macron added.

The remarks came more than six months after then-candidate Macron told the BBC about Europe facing Frexit if relevant reforms do not take place in the bloc.

"So we have to reform this Europe, we need a new European Union in [our] situation, to protect our people and to regulate our globalization. If the day after I decide to follow up and pursue the current functioning of the EU, I betray my people, I wouldn't want to do so because the day after that, we will have a Frexit or the Front Nationale again," Macron stressed.

The issue of Frexit was something that had been repeatedly touted by right-wing French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen during her pre-election campaign.

In the latest interview with the BBC, Macron also made it plain that he would have welcomed a possible UK re-entry, saying that "I do respect this vote and I do regret this vote."

"And I would love to welcome you again," Macron pointed out, in an apparent reference to Britain.

Speaking at a joint press conference with UK Prime Minister Theresa May at Sandhurst Military Training College last week, the French President rejected the idea of a tailored Brexit deal, saying that the UK will not be allowed to fully enter the EU's financial markets if London fails to pay into the EU budget.

"The choice is up to Britain: it's not my choice – but they can have no differentiated access to financial services. If you want access to financial services, be my guest – but it means you have to contribute to the budget, and accept European jurisdiction. It's the situation that exists for Norway," Macron stressed.

Brexit negotiations kicked off between Britain and the European Union on June 19, 2017, and are due to complete by the end of March 2019.
The talks' first phase focused on the protection of EU citizens' rights in the UK, the British-Irish border and London's financial obligations to Brussels after the withdrawal.

The second stage began in December and deals with the post-Brexit  transition period in the EU-UK ties as well as future trade and security collaboration between the two sides.

Frexit, Referendum, Emmanuel Macron, France

Champions League final: Where to watch LIVE match Tottenham vs Liverpool

(reînnoit 20:49 01.06.2019)
The Spanish capital will have a uniquely English feel to it as tens of thousands of football fans travel to the city for the game inside Atletico Madrid's Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

More than 80,000 fans are expected to make the trip to Spain for the match despite just 34,000 tickets being collectively allocated to both sides. The venue for the final is Atletico Madrid's 67,000 capacity Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

The game will kick off at 9pm local time, or 8pm in the UK. For viewers on the east coast of the United States, that means a kick-off time of 3pm.

​It is safe to say that you won't need an umbrella with temperatures expected to soar to 33C (92F) on the afternoon of the game, before cooling to around 28C (82F) for kick-off.

Liverpool and Tottenham Fans Gather for Champions League Final

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UEFA Champions League, finala: meciul Liverpool - Tottenham
Finala Ligii Campionilor: Unde putem urmări LIVE meciul FC LIVERPOOL-TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR


Problems at Facebook - Reported Down in Parts of US, EU

The US company Facebook, which also owns Instagram, is one of the biggest social media platforms.

BUCHAREST, 13 March - Sputnik. According to the website Downdetector, which tracks the work of popular Internet resources, users in several countries reported that they were experiencing trouble with the functioning of the social media platform. 

"Problems in the work of Facebook are observed from 11:56 on the time of the East Coast of the USA”, the report says.

Most reported problems:

  • Newsfeed (35%)
  • Log in (34%)
  • Total blackout (30%)

The majority of reports regarding Facebook not working come from users in the north-eastern US, the Philippines, Europe, including the United Kingdom and Netherlands, as well as some Latin American countries, such as Brazil and Peru.

More than an hour after users began experiencing problems, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that some people are "currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps". The spokesperson failed to give an explanation for the global outage. 

Twitterians were quick to react to the developments.

#FacebookDown began trending on Twitter globally as frustrated netizens vented their fury at being denied access to their virtual lives.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, suffered similar unexplained major outages in January this year, and Novemberand October last year. As usual, users flocked to the “old reliable” Twitter to occupy their time until the world is restored to its natural order.

postare Facebook

Nikolai Patrușev, secretarul Consiliului de Securitate al Rusiei

Patrușev: Vestul ajută Ucraina la instruirea unor formațiuni diversioniste

(reînnoit 16:57 14.04.2021)
În Ucraina sunt create centre de instruire pentru activitățile diversioniste și de spionaj, cu sprijinul Occidentului, a declarat secretarul Consiliului de Securitate al Rusiei.

BUCUREȘTI, 14 apr – Sputnik. Centre de instruire a unor formațiuni diversioniste și de spionaj, care ar putea fi pregătite pentru comiterea unor atentate în Rusia și altor state, sunt desfășurate în Ucraina cu susținerea Occidentului, a declarat secretarul Consiliului de Securitate al Rusiei, Nikolai Patrușev.

“Cu susținerea sponsorilor din Occident, pe teritoriul Ucrainei sunt create centre de pregătire a unor formațiuni diversioniste și de spionaj. Nu este exclus că absolvenții acestor centre vor fi direcționați spre comiterea unor atentate, nu doar în Rusia, dar și pe teritoriul altor state”, a declarat Patrușev în cadrul unei ședințe la Sevastopol, dedicate problemelor de asigurare a securității naționale în Crimeea.

Potrivit lui, serviciile de securitate ale Ucrainei încearcă să organizeze acțiuni diversioniste și atentate teroriste în Crimeea, în primul rând, pe obiecte de infrastructură.

“Ascensiunea amenințărilor teroriste sunt determinate de politica agresivă și antirusă a Ucrainei, de tentativele de formare în peninsulă a unor celule ilegaliste ale unor organizații interzise și teroriste internaționale, precum Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami și Martorii lui Iehova”, a declarat Patrușev.

“Serviciile speciale și organizațiile extremiste desfășoară continuu acțiuni provocatoare la frontiera de stat, se întreprind tentative de a comite acțiuni diversionist-teroriste pe teritoriul Crimeei, în primul rând, pe obiecte de infrastructură”, a adăugat secretarul Consiliului de Securitate al Rusiei.
Ucraina, Terorism, Nikolai Patrușev, Rusia
FSB a prevenit un atentat terorist în regiunea Tver
FSB a dejucat un atentat terorist în Crimeea
Un naționalist ucrainean, reținut de FSB în Rusia. Planifica un atentat la o moschee
Zaharova a criticat CNN pentru că a prezentat tancurile ucrainene drept rusești
Statele NATO au discutat cu șeful MAE din Ucraina despre “provocările Rusiei”
Putin a îndemnat FSB să curme acțiunile care servesc intereselor străine
Ucraina desfășoară exerciții militare la scară largă în apropierea Crimeei