Vladimir Putin

The signal sent by Putin to the world, about the anti-missile system in Romania

The US is apparently creating grounds for the withdrawal of the country from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), and the Aegis system in Romania can easily be replaced with medium-range missiles, Vladimir Putin said at the Annual Press Conference held last Thursday.

BUCHAREST, Dec. 18 — Sputnik. Asked by Sputnik to comment on Vladimir Putin's Thursday statement, the political analyst Dragos Dumitriu has suggested that we can already see the light at the end of the tunnel as regards the tense international situation.

"In my opinion, we are witnessing the appearance of the first ray of light in the ever-darker world of international tensions. For the first time, we do not hear the answer ‘we are going to take similar actions in response,'" the analyst said.

He added that Putin's mature statements and decisions can lead to a different attitude concerning international relations, other than the warlike approach.

"Putin has accustomed us to his mature positions, he has won on points both on the battlefield and through his interesting geopolitical maneuvers. Actually, he is now leaving the US warmongers become targets of public contempt, as people have got tired of tensions and arming — and he is giving a strong, reliable hand to those who want to reconfigure the world map basing themselves on the principles of openness, and mutual interest — not on dictates imposed by the force of missiles", Dumitriu pointed out.

„It doesn't mean that Russia isn't going to invest in military research and production or in measures to secure her territory — but the main point is this: Russia is doing this within the boundaries of her territory, not by occupying other countries through perverse means — that is, through „democracy, anti-corruption, fight against terrorism" — in order to establish military bases on these territories and control them as being veritable colonies in terms of both decision-making and resources," the analyst added.

Dragos Dumitriu says that today's position of Russia could mean "the beginning of the end of the Cold War".

„In conclusion, the statement made by Putin today may mean the beginning of the end of the new cold war devised in the America's Deep State laboratories," he concluded.

At the Annual Press Conference, Vladimir Putin said that the US is apparently paving the way for the withdrawal of the country from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), and the Aegis system established in Romania can easily be replaced with medium-range missiles.

Putin declared that the US is spending much more money on the military than Russia.

„We're spending $46 billion on the military," the president said. He noted that the USA's military budget is about 700 billion dollars.

The head of the Russian Federation affirmed that the US is „playing dangerously", referring in particular to the anti-missile defense systems established in Romania.

"They have deployed their anti-missile systems in Romania. They have delivered their Aegis Combat Systems, while it is possible to easily replace interceptors in these systems with medium-range missiles. If they continue in the same manner, nothing good will come out of this. We are not going to react in the same way, we will abstain," Vladimir Putin stressed.

The conference held on 14th December is the 13th Annual Press Conference of Vladimir Putin. The comprehensive press conferences, attended by both Russian and foreign journalists, have taken place since 2001. Putin has organized the event each year from 2001 to 2008, except in 2005. After his re-election for the third term, he has held the annual event since 2012. The Thursday Press Conference was the last to be held during Putin's third term.

This year, the number of journalists accredited for the event exceeded the last year's record, with 1,640 journalists being accredited to attend the Russian President's conference. Along with journalists from the Russian regions, reporters from the USA, Germany, Japan, France, China, Poland and other countries were also present at the event.

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Champions League final: Where to watch LIVE match Tottenham vs Liverpool

(reînnoit 20:49 01.06.2019)
The Spanish capital will have a uniquely English feel to it as tens of thousands of football fans travel to the city for the game inside Atletico Madrid's Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

More than 80,000 fans are expected to make the trip to Spain for the match despite just 34,000 tickets being collectively allocated to both sides. The venue for the final is Atletico Madrid's 67,000 capacity Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

The game will kick off at 9pm local time, or 8pm in the UK. For viewers on the east coast of the United States, that means a kick-off time of 3pm.

​It is safe to say that you won't need an umbrella with temperatures expected to soar to 33C (92F) on the afternoon of the game, before cooling to around 28C (82F) for kick-off.

Liverpool and Tottenham Fans Gather for Champions League Final

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UEFA Champions League, finala: meciul Liverpool - Tottenham
Finala Ligii Campionilor: Unde putem urmări LIVE meciul FC LIVERPOOL-TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR


Problems at Facebook - Reported Down in Parts of US, EU

The US company Facebook, which also owns Instagram, is one of the biggest social media platforms.

BUCHAREST, 13 March - Sputnik. According to the website Downdetector, which tracks the work of popular Internet resources, users in several countries reported that they were experiencing trouble with the functioning of the social media platform. 

"Problems in the work of Facebook are observed from 11:56 on the time of the East Coast of the USA”, the report says.

Most reported problems:

  • Newsfeed (35%)
  • Log in (34%)
  • Total blackout (30%)

The majority of reports regarding Facebook not working come from users in the north-eastern US, the Philippines, Europe, including the United Kingdom and Netherlands, as well as some Latin American countries, such as Brazil and Peru.

More than an hour after users began experiencing problems, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that some people are "currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps". The spokesperson failed to give an explanation for the global outage. 

Twitterians were quick to react to the developments.

#FacebookDown began trending on Twitter globally as frustrated netizens vented their fury at being denied access to their virtual lives.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, suffered similar unexplained major outages in January this year, and Novemberand October last year. As usual, users flocked to the “old reliable” Twitter to occupy their time until the world is restored to its natural order.

postare Facebook

de la bière (image d'illustration)

Câte beri poți bea pe zi fără risc pentru sănătate? Filtrată sau nefiltrată?

Pentru a evita efectele nedorite asupra sănătății, un nutriționist rus recomandă să nu se consume mai mult de 300 de mililitri de bere pe zi. Mai spune că este mai bine să optezi pentru bere nefiltrată, obținută din produse naturale.

CHIȘINĂU, 8 aug - Sputnik. Nutriționistul Elena Solomatina recomandă, într-un interviu acordat ziarului Vetcherniaïa Moskva, să nu se bea mai mult de 300 de mililitri de bere pe zi pentru a evita problemele de sănătate.

„300 de mililitri de bere este o normă zilnică acceptabilă, care poate fi băută cu un aperitiv bun, de preferință nu gras. Nu ar trebui să bei bere pe stomacul gol, deoarece poate provoca spasme de stomac și crampe”, a spus ea pentru ziarul citat.

Potrivit acesteia, este mai bine să se acorde preferință berii nefiltrate. În plus, ea observă că această băutură poate fi bună doar dacă este făcută din produse naturale.

Consecințe dăunătoare

Cu toate acestea, nutriționistul avertizează împotriva consumului excesiv de bere, deoarece provoacă o scădere a testosteronului la bărbați. Potrivit ei, de-a lungul timpului, pe lângă binecunoscuta burtă de bere, bărbatul începe să prezinte trăsături feminine în silueta sa, ba chiar caracterul său se poate schimba: de la rezervat la mai isteric.

„Este clar că această băutură este contraindicată copiilor, gravidelor și femeilor care alăptează. Nu recomand consumul persoanelor care suferă de tulburări mentale, ale sistemului nervos, care sunt predispuși la ateroscleroză și la diabetici”, adaugă nutriționistul.

Chiar și berea fără alcool

În plus, ea avertizează că chiar și berile nealcoolice pot fi dăunătoare pentru sănătate.

„Berea fără alcool sau cu alcool scăzut are un indice glicemic ridicat, contribuie la dezvoltarea rezistenței la insulină și provoacă diabetul de tip II. În plus, a bea o băutură care nu conține nici măcar un grad de alcool este o cale directă către formarea plăcilor aterosclerotice și apariția excesului de greutate”, explică ea pentru ziar.

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sănătate, Bere